Several of the liveries have been raving about the facilities at Boomerang and as Wiggy and Big A were off there for a tune up a few of us from the yard decided to tag along.

For those that have never visited Boomerang it is the ideal schooling facility for the aspiring eventer, pony clubber or anyone who fancies a fun session with their horse.  It is approximately 45 minutes away from the yard at Ufton Green and an easy journey up the M4.  There is also the opportunity to spot a few stars, we parked next to Andrew Hoy while we were there and the professionals can often be found schooling their young horses.

There are jumps and combinations to both challenge and entice and Wiggy and Big A certainly seemed to enjoy themselves.  I learnt a few things during the course of the morning:

  1.  If I ever want to sell a herd of plastic sheep, or a Moulin Rouge style Maharajahs elephant I know who to call;
  2. In Big A’s world choice of jump, speed and direction should be left up to him, the rider is an unfortunate encumbrance and ideally he would have taken himself around the course and then off for a cooling shower afterwards.

We got back in time to enjoy our traditional Saturday lunch of pizza and prosecco eaten on our picnic table whilst we enjoyed the footage taken in the morning.

CIMG1465 CIMG1456 CIMG1452CIMG1481 CIMG1475 CIMG1474CIMG1503 CIMG1490 CIMG1504 CIMG1441