Last Friday we had a visit from Jess one of the nutritionists at Top Spec.  Expertly arranged by Lucy one of our liveries Jess weighed 19 horses on the portable weighbridge and provided an individual feed plan for each.

It was perfect timing for some of our own horses as one is due to go back in to training in November, one is due to go back off to stud in February and one has always had trouble keeping weight on and needed a few tweaks as we head in to the winter.  My aim was also to simplify my feed regime and reduce the number of different sacks in the feed room, whilst making sure that all their nutritional needs were covered.  Luckily we have now got a plan to try that only involves four different feeds so it will be great to see how they get through the winter on the new regime.

In terms of the advice for our three, Shilpa our broodmare is starting on stud balancer with a bit of alfalfa chaff, plus ad lib hay, Molly who is going back in to training is having the Comprehensive Balancer, alfalfa chaff and ad lib hay and Odin who needs to fill out a bit was actually getting too much feed but of the wrong sort, he is going to be on Ulser Cubes and Comprehensive with a little bit of alfalfa chaff.

We all enjoyed and learnt a lot from the session, in the main most of the horses were happy to go straight on the drawbridge and if they were a little reluctant some bribing with anti-lam did the trick.  It is a free of charge service and we look forward to seeing Jess again in six months time to see how we have all coped through the winter.


Benny another of our ex-racers on loan to Ellie.  Ben weighed 548Kg and Jess suggested a few minor tweaks to his diet.