Suzan has recently acquired Pixie who is a young Irish Draft from a small family run stud nearby (we also have her half sister and brother on the yard).

Pixie was lightly backed a year ago and has spent the last few weeks doing groundwork ready to be ridden away at the end of this summer.  She is taking to the process well and as we fitted her for a saddle yesterday and it was nice and quiet this morning Suzan took the opportunity to take things a stage further.

CIMG1529 CIMG1534 CIMG1537 CIMG1548 CIMG1551 CIMG1558 CIMG1560 CIMG1561

Some ‘listen to me’ groundwork in the jumping paddock first including walking over some poles, stops and rein backs and then when Pixie started to really focus the first lean over from the mounting block in the yard.

All completed calmly and just before the rain came down.